07G Orange – Champions at Columbia

This picture is Winchester United at its best. ¬†What you see here is a group of smiling but freezing cold players and families and coaches after the 2007 Girls Orange team won the top division at the Columbia Fall Classic this weekend, to finish what the girls call a season of being “undefeatable.” ¬†But what you don’t see is how hard these girls have worked. ¬†You don’t see that three of them can already juggle a soccer ball 100 times (one is over 500) and many others are getting close. ¬†You don’t see that almost the whole team goes to ODP every Sunday. ¬†You don’t see how much the families on this team genuinely like each other, and how well all the players and their siblings get along. ¬†The picture doesn’t tell you that ALL the parents support ALL the players, not just their own. ¬†You can’t tell by looking that the young player on crutches and her family drove to Columbia, MD and back on both Saturday and Sunday to watch soccer in freezing cold weather just to support the team. ¬†The picture doesn’t tell you that there are two tiny coaches (who are also United 2009 players) that routinely run our initial pregame warmups and that they are a lot tougher and more demanding than the adult coaches. ¬†The picture doesn’t tell you about how awesome the manager of this team is and how much she is appreciated by the players and families and coaches. ¬†In the picture it seems like everyone is wearing a medal…players, coaches, siblings…and they all deserve one. ¬†What makes Winchester United special is its long history and its great families with multiple siblings playing on multiple teams within our club. ¬†The 2007 Girls Orange team could not ask for a better group of players and families and coaches to journey through travel soccer with. ¬†I love this picture because it is like a family portrait. ¬†When the girls are successful it is because parents and siblings and players and managers and coaches and club directors and club staff have all made sacrifices to make it happen. ¬†It is only fitting that they should be in the celebration pictures. ¬†See you in the Spring!