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Winchester United has become one of the most successful small market travel clubs in the Shenandoah Valley with numerous teams playing in two different leagues which include:
National Capital Soccer League (NCSL)
Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL)

The club works hard to ensure that it's coaches are of the highest caliber and are required to have coaching licenses either from USSF or NSCAA.   The main goal is to promote the game of soccer at the travel level.

We want your son or daughter to have a positive experience in the United program.   Player development, with the aim to play in high school, college or at a higher level, is our intent.  We welcome both players and their families to take the challenge and experience Winchester United soccer.

Please refer to the Winchester United Handbook under our Forms and Applications section for further information.

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Our United community is EXCITED...

Our United community is excited the 2018-2019 season is here! Tryouts are May 21-25, 2018. Register online at www.winunited.org/registration.

Posted by Winchester United Soccer on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Excitement is HERE!

NCSL U18 Division 2 Finalist


Fall 2017

United 99B Orange - NCSL U19 Division 1 Champion

United 05B Orange - NCSL U13 Division 3 Finalist

Fall 2016

United 05B Orange - NCSL U12 Division 5 Finalist

United 04G Orange - NCSL U13 Division 4 Champion

United 04B Orange - NCSL U13 Division 3 Finalist

United 03G Orange - NCSL U14 Division 2 Finalist

United 03B Orange - President's Cup Finalist

United 07B Orange - Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Award

United 02B Orange - NCSL U15 Division 2 Champion

United 02B Blue - NCSL U15 Division 7 Finalist

United 00B Orange - NCSL U17 Division 1 Champion

United 99/00G Orange - NCSL U18 Division 2 Finalist

United 98B Orange - NCSL U19/20 Division 2 Champion

United 04B Blue - Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Award

Spring 2016

United 04B Orange - NCSL U11 Division 6 Champion

United 02B Orange - NCSL U13 Division 3 Champion