Skill Club


We hope everyone enjoyed the fall season of Skill Club! Check back later for spring registration!

Winchester United is proud to announce the continuation of our skill club directed by Duncan Macdonald.  There will be different skill levels that players can reach.  Also, there will be game-related skill activities.  The one-time fee will be $10.00 for online registration and $15.00 for field registration.  The program will take place on Wednesdays beginning September 12.  Ages 9-14 are welcome!

Training sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings at Sherando field 1A:

  • BYRSA players 5-6 PM
  • UNITED players 6-7 PM


If you have further questions, please contact us using the email link above.

Duncan Macdonald


Playing History:

1964-1969 - (U-10 thru U-14) Various local junior and youth leagues in hometown in Southport, England.  (25 miles north of Liverpool)
1969 & 1974 - Liverpool Football Club. (English Premier League) - Member of their youth development academy.  Also played for Premier semi-pro clubs in the Liverpool area
1974 - Accepted full scholarship to attend Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY...NCAA Div 1 soccer program
1974-1977 - 4 year starter at right full back for Hartwick College, two time ALL NY State selection
1974, '76 & '77 - Represented Hartwick at NCAA Div 1 Final Four Tourney.  Third place in '74 & '76.  NCAA D1 National Champions in '77
1978 - 4th round, 1st pick in North American Soccer League Professional (NASL) draft by the Tulsa Roughnecks & American Soccer League (ASL) by NY Eagles as first round, first pick in the country.  Played four years in the ASL for NY Eagles and PA Stoners.  PA Stoners ASL Natl Champs in '80
1982-2001 - Played for various amateur teams in locations where I lived during corporate sales career in PA, NJ, GA & NY State

Coaching History:

1979-80 - Asst. Varsity coach at Moravian College, Bethlehem PA.  NCAA D3
1983-1997 - Coached numerous youth teams of varying age groups in the Lehigh Valley area of Northeast PA.  Also conducted coaches clinics at several local youth soccer clubs
1989-1990 - Assistant varsity coach at Muhlenburg College, Allentown, PA.  NCAA D3.  Jeff Tipping former NSCAA (USC) Dir of Coaching Education, was head coach
1997-1999 - Staff coach at Beadling Soccer Club, Pittsburg, PA.  Coached Western PA YSL Premier Cup level team for 2 years.  Joined club when team was U-12.  This team went to the regional finals both years.  At U-15, they were regional champs
1999-2001 - Staff coach at United Quest SC in Marietta, GA.  Premier travel club.  Now the Atlanta United FC (MLS) Academy organization
2002 - Staff coach at Metro North Youth Soccer Association in Marietta, GA for the U-10 boys academy program.  Premier Travel Club
2003-2012 - Head Coach at Oneonta, NY Soccer Club for U-10 & U-15 squads
2016-2017 - Staff coach at Fenn Academy Summer Soccer Camp, Concord, MA
2018 - Technical Trainer for 12 U-10 thru U-14 Premier travel players from Salisbury UTD SC and River Soccer Club in Salisbury, MD and Selbyville, DE.  Provided weekly one hour technical training sessions focused on the basic technical elements of soccer.

My personal training philosophy is based on developing sound technical players in a positive practice environment.  Practice sessions focus on individual and small group technical exercises targeted on building a proficient presence on, and with the ball.

References & full resume are available upon request.  Thank you!!

Email for information on individual training sessions.


From Parent Of U-14 Girls Player - Celtic, Largo, FL

My daughter had the privilege to train with Duncan this summer for 4 weeks. His experience, skills, and passion for the sport are top notch. He focuses a lot on developing the technical skills needed and often overlooked in soccer today. There was never a moment when my daughter wasn't touching the ball during each session. This not only kept her physically fit, but it also improved her ball handling skills and helped her gain more control. His drills were designed with intention and included elements of communication, which is so important in soccer. Serious about the sport and building strong players, Duncan set high standards and held my daughter accountable, while still making every session fun. In a short amount of time, my daughter felt comfortable with and trusted Duncan. That's a testament to his love of the game and his dedication to the players he works with. He understands that a positive relationship between a coach and player is an important part of developing great athletes.

From Parent Of U-12 Boys Player - River SC, Selbyville, DE

We had the pleasure of having Duncan MacDonald coach our son Hunter in soccer this past spring. We found Duncan to be a fantastic coach and mentor for Hunter. We were impressed by his concern not only for coaching Hunter's conditioning and skills but also his character and respect for the game. Duncan took the time to "connect" with Hunter which enhanced his learning and desire to improve. Hunter did improve both his fitness and technique under Duncan's guidance and we saw tangible results on the field. We recommend Duncan MacDonald highly.

From Executive Director Of Salisbury United Club, Salisbury, MD

One of my fondest memories of working with Duncan involved a drop in session for our Salisbury United SC that took place on a random Saturday during the winter of 2017. The skills session was open to all level of players in the 8-10 yo range. Duncan was in charge of running the training. Little did we know before hand but over 50 players of all abilities showed up. No worries. Duncan was cool, calm, and collected. He deftly kept things organized and pertinent to each group’s capabilities and experience. ALL of the players got a tremendous developmentally appropriate practice and had a great time also!!

From Parents Of U-12 Boys Player - Salisbury, Utd SC, Salisbury, MD

Duncan offered his soccer training experience this summer with sessions for our son and members of the local soccer club. We gave him " two thumbs up" and wish he had a twin that could remain in Maryland. Our son's improvement over the summer was greater than all the progress he's made previously. We believe Duncan made the most significant contribution to that.

Duncan's training did not stop with the children. He educated parents as well, and recapped every training session with at least an email. Most of the time it was 1/1 discussion. In our very short time together, we are pleased with everything our son has learned. We are grateful for the support and training Duncan provided.

From Parents Of U-14 Girls Player - River Soccer Club, Selbyville, DE

Our two children had the recent opportunity to work with Coach Duncan Macdonald, who came highly recommended by their club's staff.  While observing the technical sessions with our children and Coach Macdonald, it was clear that he has a true passion for the sport of soccer and is eager to share his knowledge of the sport.  His technical expertise is second to none and he geared his drills to challenge our kids to perform at a peak level.  His positive approach to technical training led him to develop a wonderful rapport with all of the young soccer players he trained. We were so grateful that our children had an opportunity to train with him.

Thanks again for all of your work with the kids - we really appreciate it! Hope you have a great soccer season with your new club. If you need anything else, just let us know.

From parent of U-12 boys player - River Soccer Club. Selbyville, DE

I can honestly tell you that coach Duncan is the BEST my son ever had. I love the way he explains the game of soccer. He has great passion about this sport and loves teaching it.
The training Duncan provides is truly unique and the only coach I've seen on focusing on awareness. He provides an environment where a player can develop, be creative, without the pressure of making mistakes. He has truly helped my son become a player with better awareness and confidence on the ball. I grew up playing soccer since I was a little boy and I can truly say that Duncan knows this sport extremely well and by watching him coaching my son, I have learned a lot from him. I'm truly grateful to Duncan for the support and training he provided.

From the Technical Director of Coaching - River Soccer Club, Selbyville, DE

Duncan Macdonald came to River Soccer Club by accident, he was simply driving by and upon seeing our beautiful complex he decided to dig deeper. We are so thankful that he did! 
For about a year Coach Duncan provided high quality individual training to our travel players. His training sessions were fun, dynamic, and most importantly effective.  He demands , “(positive) attitude and application“ from his players; his words still ring in my ears and I am not embarrassed to say that I have stolen the line.
As a Technical Director at River Soccer Club my focus is the development of players and coaches. Coach Duncan demonstrated his ability to develop players repeatedly. Watching his individual sessions made me want to be involved (as a player), the feedback from parents made me think he was under payed, and the improvement in the players he worked with let me know he was good at his job.  In addition to working with individual players Duncan worked our recreational level summer camp where he was a staff coach. Not only could he improve our top players he was also able to meet our recreational level players at the age and stage they were at and help them develop. 

We had intentions of bring Coach Duncan into a coach development role and to be a head coach of one of our travel teams, but unfortunately he relocated to Winchester, VA.
My name is Justin Brooks-Ward; I have a B.A. in psychology, a M.Ed in Special Education, a U.S.Soccer B License, a     Children’s Award from the Scottish Football Assoc and I am currently a candidate for the USA's national soccer coaches assn Premier Diploma.
I was a collegiate captain and have coached seriously for nine years. 
Duncan Macdonald Is very good at what he does and what he does is develop footballers.  River Soccer Club was very sorry to lose such a talented human being.


From a parent of U12 boys travel player - River Soccer Club, Selbybille, DE

As a parent, I have truly enjoyed watching my son develop his soccer skills with his trainer Duncan Macdonald. 
I admire Duncan’s dedication as a trainer, his wealth of experience, and his emphasis not only on application of skills but also on attitude of the player.  
My son has developed different techniques while working with Duncan and his confidence has grown as well!  He really looked forward to his weekly sessions with Duncan.